Monthly Archives: December 2013

Not much to see yet…

Right now this website is just being set up in preparation for the launching of a Cree Classroom in Montreal, Quebec in January of 2014! My main blog tends to the more widely educational/political, and I needed a space to dedicate to language learning.

I don’t want to make wild promises, because once this class starts, I am going to be extremely busy, but it is my intention to share our progress as often as I can. I want to have conversations with other people doing language resurgence work, so we can share best practices, resources, ideas, and just decompress from time to time.

I am also hoping that within a month or two of launching the Cree Classroom, there will be an online version available as well. I’ll be hosting those sessions through this site too. That’s the plan anyway.

So keep this site bookmarked and check back from time to time. I’m hopeful I’ll have the chance to fill it with great things, and that others will be inspired to share their stories as well.